Arielle is a genius with efficiency and automation.

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Arielle Minicozzi, CFP®, CSLP®

Financial Advisor. Student Loan Specialist. Mortgage Guru. Automation Queen. Coach. Consultant.

Arielle Minicozzi, CFP®, CSLP®, has a passion for helping individuals and families achieve financial stability and for helping other advisors serve more clients. In addition to her role at Modern Money Advisor Financial Planning, Arielle owns and operates Sphynx, a consulting firm that helps other financial advisors systematize their businesses and implement technology solutions.

Arielle’s journey toward the financial planning profession was not straightforward. She was an art major in college, then joined a major bank as an intern in their mortgage division. She realized she would be able to assist people in making what would perhaps be the most important purchase of their lives, and decided to stay on for nearly six years.

During her tenure as a loan officer, Arielle discovered the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNINGTM curriculum and began her studies at Farleigh Dickinson University. She obtained her marks in July 2016.

In October 2017, she made the bittersweet decision to leave the mortgage industry and launch her own RIA, Sphynx Financial Planning. Her mission was to help millennials achieve financial stability and sustainable homeownership skills. It was around this time that Arielle and Angela met through the XY Planning Network and quickly became friends.

While setting up Sphynx, Arielle realized other advisors could benefit from the same systems and tools she was using and began consulting other firms. In late 2018 Arielle and Angela decided to merge their practices to make use of their complementary skill sets.

Arielle has been quoted as a subject matter expert on home buying in several publications, including US News and World Report, LendingTree.com, Chime, and others. She conducts educational webinars for other advisors and has done non-profit work for various homeownership organizations as well as her local animal shelter.

In her free time, Arielle enjoys hiking with her boyfriend, Mark, reading, and spending time with her cat, Nigel Sphynx-Barry.

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