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The financial environment is complex and in many regards, uncertain. The decisions you make regarding work, spending, investment, and retirement, both now and in the future, will significantly affect your financial condition over the long term.

In an effort to aid  in learning, understanding, and formulating a personal basis for decision making, this 'Personal Financial Plan' is offered to help enhance your knowledge of various topics and communicate some of the intricacies of the financial world. The plan represents a framework to clarify and structure your financial matters.

This plan is based upon confidential information you provided regarding your present resources and objectives. While illustrations within this plan can be a valuable aid in the examination of your finances, it does not represent the culmination of your planning efforts. Financial planning is an ongoing process.

Hypothetical assumptions used in this illustration are specifically chosen to communicate and demonstrate your current financial position and highlight for discussion with your advisor the complex future interacting effects of combined incomes, expenses, savings, asset growth, taxes, retirement benefits, and insurance.

This document is not an advertisement or solicitation for any specific investment, investment strategy, or service.

No recommendations or projections of specific investments or investment strategies are made or implied. Any illustrations of asset growth contained herein are strictly used to demonstrate mathematical concepts and relationships while presenting a balanced and complete picture of certain financial principles.

Illustrations, charts and tables do not predict or project actual future investment performance, or imply that any past performance will recur.

This plan does not provide tax or legal advice, but may illustrate some tax rules or effects and mention potential legal options for educational purposes.

Information contained herein is not a substitute for consultation with a competent legal professional or tax advisor and should only be used in conjunction with his or her advice.

The results shown in this illustration are not guarantees of, or projections of future performance. Results shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Information and statistical data contained herein have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but in no way are guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness.

Your actual future investment returns, tax levels and inflation are unknown.



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