A combination of income tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investment asset allocation planning and education, risk management planning and more.

Modern Money Advisor

Speaking Engagements

With her engaging and fun personality, Angela Moore, CFP® connects with audiences immediately and delivers practical content that can be used in multiple settings. 

Angela Moore, CFP® has spent years engaging and motivating audiences to maximize their potential and tap into their own ability to create innovative and positive financial change. As a motivational speaker, she shares her story, experiences and journey in finding purpose through her passion of spreading the message of financial education to all.   From major corporations to universities, churches, and youth, Moore has facilitated discussions and presentations focused on financial literacy, education, leadership, teamwork, communication, and individual action planning that can lead to successful financial futures.


Seminars & Workshops


General Audiences

  • Balancing Lifestyle and Budget: Your Guide to the Spending Plan
  • Modern Money Aggressive Debt Elimination
  • How Creating Multiple Streams of Income can Make Your Money Work For You
  • Accumulate Now and Reap the Benefits Later: The Importance of Saving NOW
  • Money and Relationships: Why you should Discuss Money in Your Relationships and how to Work Together as a Team
  • The Money Mindset
  • Emotional Money: Emotional Financial Decisions and Why Money Decisions Should be Mathematical and Strategic in Nature
  • Retirement Planning Now: The Earlier the Better (Includes education around retirement accounts)
  • The ABCs of Investing
  • Ask a Financial Advisor: Open Q&A Session (A Favorite!) *Can be combined with other Workshops
  • Raising Modern Money Kids: Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success
  • Family Planning from Baby to College and Beyond
  • Starting a Business: Preparing Financially to Go Out On Your Own

Approaching Retirement

  • Getting Ready to Retire: Here’s What You Need To Know
  • Creating an Income in Retirement: Here’s What You Need To Know
  • Beneficiaries, a Will, a Trust: Basics You Should Know Now

Corporate & Small Business

  • Be Your Own CFO

  • Using Your Employer Benefits to Create a Strong Financial Foundation

  • Retirement Planning Now: The Earlier the Better

  • The ABCs of Investing

  • Ask a Financial Advisor: Open Q&A Session (A Favorite!)

  • *Can be combined with other Workshops

Children & Youth Topics

  • Money Advice I Wish I would Have Known at Your Age: What to do and what not to do in College and beyond
  • Planning For College Expenses the Smart Way
  • The Important Difference Between a WANT and a NEED
  • Money Habits to Start Now: How You Can Start Saving as a Kid (Teen, Teenager, etc.)
  • The Basics of Investing for Kids (Teens, Teenagers, High School, College, etc.)
  • What is The Meaning of Financial Freedom?
  • Raising Modern Money Kids: Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success (For Parents & Teachers)
  • Compound Interest and Why It’s Important To You

Press & Media

Moore has been featured in various publications for her contributions to shaping America’s financial future and has spoken at numerous corporations, organizations, schools and conferences.

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Moore’s commitment to community efforts as a financial agent of change is an integral component of her platform. She is passionate about her community and collaborates with several organizations to further her mission of financial empowerment.

“I wanted a career where I could help others. Teaching people and making a difference in their lives is what drives me.”

Foundation for Financial Planning


Angela Moore, MSPFP, CFP®, MPAS®, CRPC®, CFEI

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Tel: 305.697.2260 | info@modernmoneyadvisor.com


Courses, Curriculum, Teaching and Bootcamps: 

  • Modern Money Millennial, TM

  • Modern Money Women, TM

  • Modern Money Kids, TM

  • Modern Money Couples, TM

  • Modern Money Business, TM

  • Modern Money Boomer, TM

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