2050 TRAILBLAZERS - Ep 005: How to be Your Bold, Authentic Self in the World of Financial Planning

How to be Your Bold, Authentic Self in the World of Financial Planning

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I recently had the honor of being a guest on Rianka Dorsainvil's podcast, 2050 Trailblazers, a podcast that explores topics surrounding diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry.

Here's what she wrote:

Angela Moore has an incredibly inspiring story. When she joined the financial service industry, she was battling the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. She struggled with adversity, discrimination, and workplace challenges at a large financial services wirehouse. She knew she had to push through because she knew that financial planning was her calling. 

Angela struggled to join a team for the first several years of her financial planning career. She was working 80 hours a week to find success, meet her numbers, and get noticed.

After several years on her own, she was brought on to a team where she finally felt appreciated, heard, and where her ideas were valued. But, as an African American advisor who worked for Merrill Lynch during a class-action discrimination lawsuit, she began to realize just how much discrimination was going on behind the scenes. 
This experience shook Angela to her core. The attorneys dealing with the discrimination case had opened her eyes to the flaws in the financial service industry, and inspired her to get more involved in the D&I movement within the financial planning profession. 

She moved through other wirehouse wealth management businesses that promoted diversity and embraced forward-thinking inclusion movements, but ended up opening her own financial planning practice, Modern Money Advisor. 

She knew that her calling was to work with people who wanted to grow wealth, not necessarily help people who already have wealth to manage. She wanted to connect with clients from her own community and she wanted to make financial planning accessible for everyone.

Listening to this episode, you’re going to be inspired to follow your passion, grow wealth in your community, and embrace who you are whether you are a financial planner or not! 

What You'll Learn:

  • How many people aren’t even aware of the behind-the-scenes discrimination that goes on in the financial service industry which trickles down to the financial planning profession
  • How connecting with your natural market can be a fantastic way to ignite your fire and love your career
  • Ways you can market yourself to a community that may not have assets to invest right now, but still find financial literacy valuable
  • What it means to be your authentic self in your career
  • How being yourself in this profession will positively impact all of the women who come after you
  • What financial planning looks like in the world of #MeToo, female empowerment among business owners (especially women of color)
  • How you can bring enthusiasm and joy to your work by being who you are
  • Ways that mentorship positively impacts this profession, and can support diversity
  • How being yourself, especially as a woman of color, can help you build your brand and connect with your ideal client niche

Show Notes:

Angela Moore